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This blog is dedicated to interesting ideas — the sort of thoughts that make you think about something in a new light, consider a unique solution to a vexing problem, expose a problem that you never knew existed, or simply serve as entertaining material for discussions at the dinner table.

While I aim to publish only truly novel and creative ideas, most will probably be discussed or thought of to some degree elsewhere. Also, many of the ideas here are half-baked theories or hypotheses, certainly not scientifically proven. That’s intentional — hopefully, through active commenting, the ideas can be discussed and developed. Finally, if anyone wants to use these ideas for a blog post, paper, thesis, book, movie script, or whatever: feel absolutely free to do so.

Contributions are welcome; in fact, I don’t have nearly enough ideas to fill up a blog, and it is my hope that most of the ideas discussed will come from contributors. If you’re interested in submitting an idea, please e-mail me at

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